EP 57: Building a Memorable Brand for Your Practice – With Jaci Russo

Episode Summary:
In this episode of Practice Growth HQ we’re talking all things business branding.

You’ll meet Jaci Russo, the Co-Founder and CEO of brand Russo, a strategic branding agency. Jaci has more than 25 years of experience working with clients across multiple categories and disciplines as a Brand Strategist.

In this episode, you’ll learn what the real definition of branding really is, the benefits of creating a memorable brand for your business, and Jaci’s four-step process for building a brand.

If you’re losing patients to other practices, this episode could provide the ‘aha’ moment you’ve been waiting for.

What you’ll learn:

(07:56) Jaci shares her entrepreneurial journey and why she’s so passionate about branding
(10:38) What is branding exactly? Jaci breaks down the definition and why consumers buy from certain brands over others
(14:25) Discover why practice owners need to take their branding seriously (and what happens when you don’t)
(18:42) Learn why blending in with your competitors could spell the death of your business
(24:16) Discover the tangible benefits of creating a memorable brand for your practice
(27:10) Jaci shares her simple four-step process for creating a great brand
(35:21) Learn how to differentiate your business from your competitors even if your services are the same as everybody else
(39:46) Discover why your marketing messaging should be all about your patients and not you
(42:24) Find out why you shouldn’t offload your marketing to your practice manager
And loads more!

Links and Resources:
Website: www.brandrusso.com
Book: He Said She Said Branding
Online Branding School: www.brandstateu.com

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