EP 40: Protecting your Business from Cyber Attacks – With James Borg

Episode Summary:

What would you do if you walked into your practice to find that you’d lost all of your company data? It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare, but thankfully there are steps you can take to arm yourself from cyber attacks and data breaches.   

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ I chat with James Borg, the Founder and Managing Director of Teamwork Technology, an IT firm that provides cyber support to medical practices.  

Listen to this episode to find out what happens when your business is under a cyber attack, the signs of ransomware you need to look out for, and how you can best protect your business from cyber threats. 

If you’re still relying on basic anti-virus software in your business, you’ll want to take some notes during this episode! 

What you’ll learn: 

  • (05.39) James shares a cautionary tale about one of his clients who suffered a major data breach in his business (and how he helped the client recover)  
  • (07.28) How does ransomware present itself in your business? James unpacks how cyber threats typically show up and what you need to look out for  
  • (10.08) Discover the practical steps you can take to minimise your risk of ransomware attacks
  • (12.02) Can’t I just get insurance? Not necessarily. James outlines what protections you’ll need to have in place before you can get a cyber insurance policy
  • (13.25) Find out why IT protection is like doing taxes, and why you’re better off letting the professionals take care of your company data
  • (16.34) Learn what actually happens when you’re under an active ransomware attack 
  • (19.29) Discover what kind of cyber protection your receive when your hire a company like Teamwork Technology  
  • (25.06) Learn other cyber threats to be aware of so that you can keep your business data safe 
  • (28.58) James shares his golden cyber security advice that all health professionals need to take seriously 
  • (33.03) Discover 6 simple tips to protect your business from cyber threats  
  • Plus so much more! 

Links and Resources: 

Website: www.teamworktech.com.au

Email: hello@teamworktechnology.com.au

Phone number: 1300 456 901

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