EP 29: Leveraging Telehealth for Practice Growth – With Anthony Licausi

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ we meet Anthony Licausi, Founder and CEO of FaceMyDoc, the fastest growing Telehealth company in the US. 

Anthony has a unique interdisciplinary background in technology, corporate finance as well as sales and marketing. With his turn-key Practice-in-a-Box ™ system, Anthony enables healthcare providers to conduct a virtual visit in minutes, bill insurance and get paid!

In this episode, you’ll learn why healthcare practices need to start taking Telehealth seriously, as well as the opportunities for a more flexible and location independent business. Anthony and I also discuss the exciting new tech emerging for dentists, and we get into the mechanics of how Telehealth appointments work. 

If you’re curious about how your practice can start leveraging Telehealth for practice growth, this episode is for you! 

What you’ll learn: 

  • (6.00) Anthony shares his unique career trajectory and how he came to eventually launch FaceMyDoc
  • (13.16) What’s the business case for Telehealth? Anthony unpacks the opportunities for location freedom, much lower overheads, and more flexibility inside your practice  
  • (14.15) Practice in a Box: Is it really possible to open up your own virtual clinic from anywhere in the world?  
  • (17.35) Anthony discusses the exciting new trends emerging in Telehealth that will allow healthcare professionals such as dentists, physios and orthopedics to conduct virtual consultations 
  • (21.57) Introducing FaceMyDoc, unique software that allows Healthcare providers to conduct virtual consultations and streamline their business
  • (28.43) How do you deal with ID issues in Telehealth? The answer is surprisingly simple!  
  • (32.40) What about scripts? Anthony shares how FaceMyDoc facilitates easy prescription filling
  • (34.07) Anthony unpacks the critical importance of marketing online for healthcare professionals 
  • (38.05) Think Telehealth is just a fad? Learn why it’s time to reframe your mindset around new technology 
  • Plus so much more!

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