EP 30: Powerful Lessons in Leadership – with Jim Alling

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ I’m talking about leadership, and who better to discuss this topic with than Jim Alling. Jim has had over 35 years experience in executive leadership with well-known brands across a wide range of consumer facing industries. 

He’s the former CEO of TOMS shoes, the former COO of T-Mobile and even found time to be the President of Starbucks for a few years too!    

In this episode, Jim unpacks some of his career defining moments, shares his best tips on how to be an effective leader, and talks us through the ‘For Purpose’ business model.   

Listen to this episode to discover some timeless leadership wisdom from a man who knows a thing or two about working with people.  

What you’ll discover:

  • (07:17) The benefits of getting uncomfortable: What Jim took away from his time as an international exchange student 
  • (13:00) Jim’s experience with imposter syndrome and how he discovered the untapped power of positive recognition in the workplace 
  • (19:02) The incredibly simple action Jim took that landed him career blessings from former Starbucks president Howard Behar (it had nothing to do with business strategy)  
  • (25:50) Discover the dangers of ‘keeping the score’ in any relationship; whether it be at work or at home  
  • (29:30) Why focusing on the needs of your team rather than your direct supervisors produces stronger relationships and better outcomes for the business 
  • (32:37) Why rigid thinking and stubbornness could be your downfall in business (and how it cost Jim millions of dollars)  
  • (37:26) Learn why it’s so important to pay attention to the people that stick by you when you’re failing  
  • (40:39) For Purpose Companies:​​ Hear the story behind TOMS shoes and why more people are looking to support this type of business model    
  • Plus loads more! 

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