EP: 28 How to make your competitors irrelevant – With Michael Pierce

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ you’ll meet Michael Pierce, sports physiotherapist and the Director of the Lake Health Group in Ballarat.   

In this episode, I speak with Michael about how he differentiates his practice from his competitors, the biggest lessons he’s learnt over the course of his 25 year career, and why the culture inside your business is critically important.  

Throughout the episode Michael generously shares his best tips for building a thriving practice, and what to avoid if you want to be successful in business. 

If you’re looking for some fresh insights and business tips, you’ll find plenty to think about in this episode!

What you’ll learn: 

  • (13.40) Discover why Michael no longer pays attention to his competition (and what he focuses on instead) 
  • (16.50) Learn why the culture inside your practice is critical to the success of your business 
  • (18.33) Discover what led Michael to remove his practice from Bupa’s preferred providers (and why it was ultimately the right business decision)
  • (22.30) What can practice owners learn from Volkswagon when it comes to growing your business? 
  • (24.10) Wake up call: Michael unpacks his toughest experience as a practice owner (and why he’s so passionate about culture now) 
  • (26.48) Business breakups: Michael shares why he had to call it quits with his former business partner 
  • (31.20) Are you still trading time for dollars? Learn how to build more leverage into your business model 
  • (34.20) Story time: The accident that forced Michael to reconsider how much time he was spending in his business vs on his business 
  • (37.20) – Michael shares his top three tips for success in business 
  • (40.50) –  Michaels lets us in on the number one thing to AVOID in business if you want to build a thriving practice 
  • Plus so much more!

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