EP 93: How to Become a Corporate Athlete – With Mitch Webb

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ, I speak to Mitch Webb, a former corporate sales executive turned wellness expert, on how to become a corporate athlete. 

Mitch’s journey from a traumatic brain injury and battles with autoimmune and Lyme diseases to his current role as a wellness coach is central to the episode. The concept of a “corporate athlete” is explored, emphasising the importance of maintaining health and wellness for optimal performance in the professional sphere. Mitch shares insights from his personal experiences and professional practice, offering advice on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and emotional support. 

In this episode Mitch delves into the significance of addressing unresolved trauma and limiting beliefs for overall well-being and discovering your inner “corporate athlete”.

If you’re ready to overhaul your personal and professional life, this episode is for you!

What you’ll learn: 

  • (00:13) Mitch tells us about his journey as a former corporate sales executive and his journey towards wellness coaching.
  • (03:34) Mitch discusses his traumatic brain injury, autoimmune disease, and Lyme disease.
  • (06:41) What is a “corporate athlete” and the importance of maintaining health and wellness for optimal professional performance.
  • (08:46) Mitch shares his perspective changes over the years in health and wellness.
  • (11:19) Suggestions for how you can start addressing your health issues.
  • (17:44) The importance of identifying and processing emotions for wellness.
  • (23:08) The impact of mental blocks on overall health and wellness.
  • (28:41) How to learn more about Mitch and his story
  • Plus loads more!

Links and Resources: 

Website: https://mitchwebb.com/ 

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