EP 82: 5 Powerful Secrets For Business Growth – With Angus Pryor

Episode Summary:

This week I’m putting myself in the hot seat as our Business Manager Sarah Raby interviews me!   

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ, I reveal the top five business secrets that have had the biggest impact on my own business. 

Plus I share how you can apply these strategies to your healthcare practice so that you can achieve the growth you’re looking for. 

If you’re curious about what these business secrets are, give this episode a listen and take notes! 

What you’ll learn: 

  • (04:08) I share my entrepreneurial journey; from working in the public service to the pharmaceutical industry to digital marketing    
  • (05:57) How listening to the wrong business advice had our business losing clients (and how I rectified this mistake)
  • (07:47) Discover why there is no silver bullet or shortcut for business growth   
  • (09:04) Find out why a crystal clear business vision makes your life so much easier    
  • (10:17) Time to banish perfection: Learn why it’s better to have a vision that 80% on-point then no vision at all    
  • (11:56) The Gulp Factor: What it is and why you need it when crafting your business vision  
  • (14:05) Discover the key difference between effective leadership and a need to control everything in your business  
  • (19:49) Serious about growing your business? Here’s why you need to get serious about marketing 
  • (23:37) Is doing your own marketing really the best use of your time as a healthcare professional? 
  • (25:03) The secret to making business growth inevitable  
  • (27:11) The business case for a systematic business approach like McDonalds 

Links and Resources: 

Website: https://www.dentalmarketingsolutions.com 

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