Ep 1: Massive Success after 21 Rejections – with Mark Costes

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ we discuss what it takes to build a multi-million dollar healthcare business enterprise.

You’ll meet Dr Mark Costes, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Dental Success Institute, Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting as well as author of Pillars of Dental Success.

Mark unpacks what failure has taught him about finding success, the power of grit and perseverance and why ‘having it all’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

If you’re wondering what it takes to create the kind of massive success Mark has, this episode is for you.

What you’ll discover:

  • (03:45) Learn how to transform your shortcomings and rejections into business superpowers 
  • (05:25) Why taking yourself too seriously can really set you back in business and in life 
  • (09:26) Find out what a 24 year old pilot can teach you about staying humble and embracing humility (and why that’s a great thing the older you get) 
  • (11:57) Discover why Mark refuses to slow down, even though he’s accomplished so much in his life already (and it’s nothing to do with money)
  • (16:43) AHA MOMENT: How losing all of his teeth helped Mark find his calling in life 
  • (19:45) Learning Entrepreneurship the hard way: Why failure can be your best teacher 
  • (21:00) STORY TIME: How Mark’s Food Truck Business set him up for success running multiple Dental Practices (and why his MBA couldn’t measure up)
  • (27:01) Discover why your talent as a healthcare professional has nothing to do with how successful you’ll be as a business owner
  • (31:30) The numbers don’t stack up: Why Healthcare professionals can no longer rely on being the only specialist in town anymore 
  • (33:35) Learn the most common mistakes Healthcare professionals are making in business (and what you can do to fix them)
  • (37:50) Find out why running a multi-million dollar business almost cost Mark everything (and how scaling back actually led to even more success)
  • (38:45) Discover ‘The Four Futures’ and how they will set you up for success in every area of your life 
  • (42:15) Get out of your way! Find out why you’re actually limiting your ability to scale by taking on too much inside your business
  • (45:20) The Perfect Practice Exercise: The importance of discovering what you REALLY want
  • Building your 1, 5 and 10 year plan and how it will make every decision you make in life so much easier
  • Plus loads more! 

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