EP 36: Coming Up With Million Dollar Ideas – With Terry Rich

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ I speak with Terry Rich, a successful CEO and President of 25 years who loves to engage audiences across the globe as a Speaker. 

During his fascinating career, Terry led the team that busted the largest lottery fraud in U.S. history, was a guest on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”, ran a zoo and gave away $1 Billion.

In this episode, Terry unpacks why innovation is so important for success in business, how you can identify opportunities for innovation in your practice, and his COT method for evaluating new ideas.  

If you’re wondering how you can come up with the next million dollar idea, you’ll really enjoy this episode!  

What you’ll learn: 

  • (06.45) Terry shares his fascinating career journey from cable television to a zoo to working for the lottery! 
  • (10.12) Terry unpacks how he busted the largest lottery fraud in US history and the lessons you can take away from his experience    
  • (15.55) Discover why change and innovation is critical for business success 
  • (20.28) Learn how to identify opportunities for innovation in healthcare 
  • (22.33) Terry dissects the relationship between failure and success  
  • (31.02) Discover how healthcare professionals can innovate to stand out from your competitors   
  • (39.55) Learn a strategy to test your ideas without risking anything financially  
  • (43.18) Terry shares his COT Method for evaluating new ideas in your business  
  • (48.22) Terry shares another good idea he learnt from Daymond John of Shark Tank  
  • Plus so much more! 

Links and Resources: 

Website: www.terryspeaks.com 

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