EP 15: Australia’s First ‘Non-Dentist’ Dental Practice Owner – with Julie Parker

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ we discuss why experience isn’t a barrier to success and what it takes to grow a successful practice. 

You’ll meet Julie Parker, Business Consultant for Dental Practice Owners. At 33, Julie bought a Dental Practice, becoming Australia’s first ‘Non-Dentist’ Dental Practice Owner. She took the existing business from 700k turnover each year to over 2 million in the 10 years she owned the business.  

In this episode, Julie and Angus discuss the key business lessons Julie took away from her time as a Practice Owner, the characteristics of a ‘crappy’ practice, and why it’s more important to focus on the lifetime value of every patient over simply attracting new leads.   

If you’re wondering what you can improve in your practice, and what you should be steering clear from, you’ll love this episode!

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What you’ll discover:

  • (03:21) Hear about Julie’s rocky start to her career and how failure helped to land her a role as a Dental Assistant 
  • (09:01) Julie unpacks her experience as a Practice Owner, and how she was surprised to find that her lack of qualifications as a dentist wasn’t a barrier to finding success
  • (11:29) Julie lets us in on her best business lessons after a decade of practice ownership
  • (18:51) Discover Julie’s best secrets for impressive practice growth 
  • (23:15) Uncover the key characteristics of a ‘crappy’ practice (some of these might surprise you!) 
  • (32:40) On the flip side: Learn about the key characteristics of a ‘great’ practice!
  • (38:03) What role does mindfulness play in your practice? Listen in to find out  
  • (40:56) Learn why valuing your team members has a positive ripple effect across your entire business 
  • (43:11) Discover why focusing on retention is much more profitable then bringing in new patients 
  • Plus loads more! 

Links and Resources:   
Website: www.julieparkerpracticesuccess.com.au

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