EP 4: A 5 Minute Daily Practice that will Transform Your Business – With Dr Nimesh Patel

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ we discuss how a daily huddle with your team can do wonders for each workday. 

You’ll meet Doctor Nimesh Patel, author of the ‘Huddle Book’ and owner of Timeless Smiles. In this episode, Nimesh and Angus discuss the key skills that every practice owner needs to run a successful business, the importance of teamwork, and how a daily huddle can transform your workplace. 

If you’re keen to learn how to build a stronger team by incorporating a simple 5 minute daily practice, this is the episode for you! 

What you’ll learn: 

  • (09:56) Practice ownership isn’t for the faint-hearted, learn what it takes to really succeed in business 
  • (13:40) CAREER SUICIDE: Everyone told Nimesh opening a practice in metro Sydney was a terrible idea, here’s what he did to make it a success
  • (16:04) 2 KEY SKILLS:  Learn the 2 key skills you need to make it in business, master these and you’ll almost guarantee your success 
  • (19:45) Experience is your best teacher, discover the advice Nimesh would give himself if he was starting out again
  • (23:47) Learn the Key Principles you need to master in order to run a thriving practice 
  • (27:55) Discover why becoming an effective leader is like growing a garden  
  • (30:20) Huddles aren’t just for sports teams! Learn why incorporating a daily huddle at your practice can help your business thrive
  • (35:30) Discover the secret to making daily frustrations in your practice melt away like magic
  • (47:12) Introducing the Huddle Book: NOT just another work diary, the Huddle Book contains every tool and template your front desk needs in one simple book
  • Plus loads more! 

Links and Resources: 

The Huddle Book: https://thedailyhuddle.online

Discount Code: Team2021

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