EP 116: The Medical Device That’s Killing Your Practice – With Angus Pryor

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ, I dive into a surprising issue that could be severely killing your practice’s growth: your telephone.

While many healthcare professionals spend a lot of money in marketing and technology, the simple act of answering phone calls is often overlooked, leading to significant missed opportunities. 

If you’re interested in knowing what practical steps you can take to avoid falling into this trap, don’t skip this episode! 

What you’ll learn:

  • (00:29) The amazing value of virtual assistants in providing support to businesses. 
  • (01:54) Your practice telephone and why it’s the medical device that’s secretly killing your practice. 
  • (03:09) Why missing phone calls in your practice are wasting marketing dollars.
  • (04:43) The shocking real-world data on missed calls in healthcare practices.
  • (06:54) How letting the phone ring undermines all the work your marketing team is doing. 
  • (08:34) The unbelievable number of appointments your practice is losing every year to missed calls. 
  • (08:50) What to ask your phone service provider for to avoid falling into the trap of missed calls. 
  • (09:39) Why your dedicated reception staff are not to blame. It’s a common but overlooked practice killer!  
  •  (10:00) Why you should consider offshore help to manage overflow calls.
  • (10:56) What your data of unmissed calls reveal about your practice. 
  • Plus loads more!

Links and Resources:

Website: https://www.anguspryor.com

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