EP 87: Unpacking the Top 3 Problems Most Practice Owners Face – With Sharon Lee

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ I speak with Sharon Lee about where practice owners go wrong when it comes to managing their business. 

Sharon has over 35 years experience in the dental industry. She’s a Qualified Practice Manager & Dental Nurse, has owned and operated 3 successful dental practices in WA and is now the Founder and Director of ADAAMA. 

In this episode Sharon shares some telltale signs that your business is suffering from a staffing problem, why you need a good practice manager, and the biggest mistake she made in her career. 

If you suspect that your business could be running a little (or a lot) more smoothly, you’ll really enjoy this episode. 

What you’ll discover:

  • (5:00) Sharon shares her entrepreneurial journey  
  • (08:49) Why Sharon deviated from health care in 2020 (and why she considers that her biggest business mistake!) 
  • (11:21) The top 3 things most practice owners struggle with in their business 
  • (13:45) Telltale signs that you have a staffing problem in your practice  
  • (19:00) Learn why practice managers are worth their weight in gold  
  • (21:56) What to do when you don’t have full books (the fortune really is in the follow-up) 
  • (27:40) Have you asked yourself why people should come to your practice?  
  • (28:35) Why you need to start thinking like a business person and stop thinking like a healthcare provider  
  • (30:22) ADAAMA: What it is and why you should consider becoming a member  
  • Plus loads more! 

Links and Resources:   

Website: https://adaama.com.au/

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