EP 6: The Importance of Business Vision – With Heidi Mount

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ we discuss why having a business vision and mission is essential if you want to build a business that thrives. 

You’ll meet Dental Expert and Coach Heidi Mount, author of ‘Hidden Treasures: Finding The Missing Revenue in your Dental Practice’. Heidi uncovers the fundamental business operations that are lacking in most dental offices today – and how you can fix them, fast. 

If you’re struggling with the systems inside your practice, you’ll want to pay close attention to this episode! 

What you’ll learn: 

  • (04:56) The true cost of trying to do everything on your own (and why you need to start delegating ASAP) 
  • (08:59) The #1 thing you need BEFORE you hire anyone (if you don’t have this in place you’re going to be hiring and firing a LOT) 
  • (10:44) Why ‘Copy and Pasted’ Mission Statements are doing your business more harm than good and what you need to do instead 
  • (13:16) The one piece of writing that will instantly make every business decision you make easy and effortless 
  • (21:51) Learn the fundamental business skills that are lacking in 99% of dental practices today (start doing these and quickly outperform your competitors)
  • (25:44) TRUTH: Customers don’t give a damn about how well you do your job – discover what they DO care about instead 
  • (27:20) Discover the critical role your receptionist plays in your practice (and no, it’s not just scheduling appointments) 
  • (30:05) The exact steps you can take to create a truly memorable experience for all of your patients (and get them raving to their friends about you!)
  • (38:59) Why hiring Coaches, Mentors and Consultants is one of the smartest investments you’ll make in your business 
  • Plus loads more! 

Book: Hidden Treasures: Finding the missing revenue in your Dental Practice (available on Amazon) 

Email: Heidi@coachingdentist.com 

Facebook: Coaching with Heidi Mount 

Instagram: @heidimountdentalcoachWebsite: https://coachheidimount.com

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