EP 50: What To Do When Business Sucks – With Angus Pryor

Episode Summary:

In this solo episode of Practice Growth HQ, I share 5 powerful strategies to show up as your best self even when it feels like everything sucks in your business.   

I get a little vulnerable in this episode, and unpack what 2022 was like for my own business, as well as the highly practical steps you can take to shake yourself out of a business funk. 

If you’re having a bad day, week, or year and things aren’t going as well in your business as you had hoped, this episode is essential listening. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • (01:02) The most common things that go wrong in business (we’ve all been here!)
  • (01:26) Discover the #1 factor that will determine whether a business grows or not (this is key)
  • (01:56) Reviewing 2022: I look back at how my own business has fared this year and reveal the triumphs as well as the challenges 
  • (03:45) Learn how to show up as your best self at work (even when it feels like everything is going wrong)
  • (04:07) Discover how the first hour of each morning can have a dramatic effect on the rest of your day  
  • (06:43) Find out why emotional support and seeking help from others is critical for business success   
  • (09:20) Discover the surprising impact an unrelated hobby can have on your business mindset
  • (11:34) Learn why investing in coaching is the fastest way to grow your business 
  • (13:22) Systems and Procedures: If an employee got hit by a bus tomorrow, would your business be able to operate as normal?  
  • Plus loads more!  

Links and Resources: 

Website: https://www.anguspryor.com

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