EP 31: Building Strong Relationships in Business – with Steve Pryor

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ I chat to my brother Steve Pryor, a Veterinarian and Practice Owner.  

During our discussion we talk about the importance of having strong relationships in business; whether that be with your business partners, employees, or clients and customers. 

Steve unpacks his entrepreneurial journey, shares what he would have done differently if he had his time again, and the key questions all healthcare professionals should ask themselves before going into practice ownership.  

If you’re considering going into business with somebody else, you’ll enjoy this episode! 

What you’ll discover:

  • (04:30) What Steve learnt from his first experience as a practice owner, and what he would do differently if he had his time again     
  • (12:42) Breaking up with your Business Partner: Why it’s so important to stay unemotional when having difficult business conversations and what to do when a partnership is heading south    
  • (16:54) Why the success of your practice often hinges on having a good location  
  • (18:22) The #1 thing practice owners need to focus on once they’re in business (it’s all about attracting and retaining the right people) 
  • (23:30) Steve shares his observations on the growing trend of humanization of our pets (and why this is a good thing for the industry)     
  • (27:55) Steve takes us through the key elements required to build a strong practice   
  • (30:33) How to build strong relationships with your clients to build trust (it’s easier than you think)  
  • (34:55) Steve shares his biggest career blunder and what he learnt from it  
  • (40:55) Steve lets us in on the two biggest PR disasters his business suffered through 
  • (44:30) The biggest questions practice owners need to ask themselves before they go into business      
  • Plus loads more! 

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