EP 25: The correlation between effective leadership and practice culture – With Jody Fletcher

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ I spoke with Executive Coach Jody Fletcher, where we discussed what it means to be an effective leader and how the behaviors you model create the culture inside your practice. 

Jody spent over three decades working in the Navy before transitioning to professional Executive Coaching. He has a wealth of experience coaching countless executives, organisations and teams to success. 

As a practice owner, strong leadership is a critical skill to build, and often it’s these skills that make or break your success as a practice owner. So if you’re struggling with building a strong culture inside your practice, you’ll want to pay close attention to Jody’s insights!  

What you’ll learn: 

  • (04:16) How Jody fell into Executive Coaching by accident and discovered his true passion in life 
  • (10:59) Why effective leadership so important in your practice, and what happens when there’s no apparent leader  
  • (13:54) The number one struggle Jody’s clients come up against when seeking to become stronger leaders (this is a key skill you need to have)
  • (14:58) In order to build a thriving practice culture – you need to begin with one key exercise (find out what it is here!) 
  • (17:43) Discover why your team needs to be speaking the same language as you are, and why it’s important to understand that our definitions can vary 
  • (19:53) Learn why active listening is critical for effective leadership  
  • (21:00) SPOTTERS: Who are they and how can they help you grow into a better leader?  
  • (26:18) How do you invest time in your team when you’re a fully booked healthcare professional? Jody shares some creative tips to help everyone on your team feel seen and heard  
  • (33:00) Discover what REALLY matters to your patients and clients (Hint: It’s not how well you perform your service)  
  • Plus loads more! 

Links and Resources: 

Website: https://www.e5professionalcoaching.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jodyfletcherprofessionalcoach/

Instagram: @jody.fletcher1

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