EP 21: Learn so you can earn – with Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist Dr Bill Dorfman

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ we meet Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist, Dr Bill Dorfman! 

Bill became a household name on hit TV show, Extreme Makeover where he performed amazing dental transformations. He’s been featured on countless talk shows including Oprah and Larry King Live. He’s the creator of multiple dental products all while working as a cosmetic dentist for A list stars.  

In this episode, Bill unpacks his career defining moments, shares advice for entrepreneurs wanting to develop their own products and tells us about his philanthropic work as the Founder of the LEAP Foundation.  

If you’re seeking fresh inspiration for making an impact and creating your legacy, you’ll love this episode! 

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What you’ll discover:

  • (04:45) Learn how Bill became the most successful cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, a location full of his competitors!
  • (07:02) Hear why filming Extreme Makeover was one the best business decisions Bill ever made – even though he wasn’t paid a dime for his work on the TV show 
  • (18:11) Bill shares his best advice for any healthcare professional with ambitions of creating their own product line 
  • (23:20) Discover what Bill learnt when his piano teacher ‘fired’ him after 8 years of lessons – and how he takes that lesson into his business endeavors
  • (26:02) The question Oprah asked Bill that totally threw him – and why he believes entrepreneurs need to think ‘outside of the box’ if they want to be successful 
  • (29:58) Discover the role physical health plays in the health of Bill’s empire
  • (38:01) Bill tells us about the LEAP Foundation – a life transforming motivational program for 15-25 year olds 
  • (42:06) Bill shares the inspiration behind his brand new product ‘Buzz Balls’    
  • Plus loads more! 

Links and Resources:   

Websites: www.drbilldorfman.com 



Instagram: www.instagram.com/drbilldorfman/

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