EP 13: The 5 Systems for Success – with Chris Barrow

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ we discuss why systemization and approaching business like a ‘franchise’ is critical for practice growth. 

You’ll meet Chris Barrow, Business Coach at Extreme Business, specializing in coaching for dental practice owners and their teams. 

Chris covers the 5 systems for success in business, the industry giants who have influenced his career, and why even at 68 years old he won’t be retiring anytime soon.  

If you’re struggling with creating systems and SOPs in your business, you’ll really enjoy this episode!

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What you’ll discover:

  • (16:58) Why it’s crucial to have the fundamental business systems in place (and what’s likely to happen if you don’t) 
  • (20:25) How today’s economy is forcing practice owners to embrace the franchise model (and why that isn’t such a bad thing)  
  • (22:52) Discover the 5 systems for building a successful healthcare practice (turning a profit is really hard without these) 
  • (29:30) Why it’s vital to familiarise yourself with contemporary thinking in healthcare if your goal is to build a business 
  • (32:18) Discover what MOTs (Moments of Truth) are along the patient journey and how they can impact your bottom line 
  • (33:54) What motivates people to write reviews? How testimonials influence future generations of patients  
  • (37:35) Discover why it’s vital to make a good first impression and why your FOH staff need to understand who they’re speaking to 
  • (39:55) Story time: Chris calls a potential new coaching client and immediately understands what’s going wrong in her business
  • (43:30) Mystery shopping in healthcare: Why most practice owners are horrified by what they hear (and why they shouldn’t be blaming their employees)  
  • (44:35) Learn how to handle objections with treatment plans (most practice owners overlook this)   
  • Plus loads more! 

Links and Resources:   

Website: https://www.coachbarrow.com

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