EP 11: Systems to help you Scale – With Jeevan Sivalingam

Episode Summary:

This episode of Practice Growth HQ is focused on the systems every practice owner needs to have in place BEFORE you even consider opening a second practice.

You’ll meet Jeevan Sivalingam, multiple practice owner and creator of ‘Jeeve Solutions’, a software that gives dental practice owners easy access to critical data across their business. 

In this episode, Jeevan and Angus discuss building a positive workplace culture, why it’s vital that your practice isn’t too reliant on one staff member, and the importance of robust systems.

If you want to scale your business but you suspect you don’t have the right systems in place yet – this episode is essential listening!  

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What you’ll learn: 

  • (08:49) Location, location, location: Learn how Jeevan found his initial success as a practice owner and the critical role location played 
  • (10:37) Discover Jeevan’s secrets to setting up strong systems in his practice and why this is crucial for multiple practice ownership 
  • (11:30) Why it’s dangerous to be too reliant one one person inside your business
  • (16:40) Building positive workplace culture: Why personality and attitude is more important than experience 
  • (18:33) Discover the role teamwork plays in protecting your workplace culture and why it’s so important for staff to feel seen and heard  
  • (24:00) Learn why owning more practices isn’t better and the biggest mistake Jeeven sees practice owners make  
  • (31:18) Introducing Jeeve Solutions: The essential tool for integrating all your big business data into one digital location 
  • (43:02) ‘New Person Black Holes’: What they are and how to avoid them! 
  • Plus loads more! 

Links and Resources: 

Request a demo of Jeeve Solutions: www.jeeve.com.au

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