EP 106: How to Design a Clinic Space Your Patients Will Love – With Carolyn Boldt

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Practice Growth HQ I speak with Carolyn Boldt about something I’ve never discussed on the podcast before – how your space impacts your success. 

Carolyn is the Co-Founder of CrossFields, a design-build firm in Atlanta. In 2011 they changed their focus to expand the impact of holistic health by elevating the public’s image of alternative medicine through virtually creating outstanding healing environments nationwide.

In this episode, you’ll discover Carolyn’s 5 point checklist for evaluating a clinic space, the psychology behind design, and a simple six-step process you can follow to design a clinic that will attract more of your ideal patients.     

If you suspect your practice may be in need of a revamp, pay close attention to this episode! 

What you’ll learn: 

  • (04:24) Carolyn shares her career journey; from self-employed interior designer to Co-Founder of CrossFields  
  • (06:12) Discover why the design of your clinic is a critical part of your business plan (whether you think it is or not)  
  • (07:45) How to maximise the space, flow and efficiency of your clinic design  
  • (09:18) The psychology behind your space and why it is an extension of your marketing  
  • (10:51) The 5 Point Checklist: How to evaluate your clinic space!  
  • (11:46) The critical importance of having a clean and uncluttered environment       
  • (16:49) The psychology of lighting and how it influences your patients  
  • (23:49) How your target market should influence your design choices   
  • (25:58) Carolyn unpacks her six step process to designing the perfect clinic space  
  • Plus loads more! 

Links and Resources: 

Website: https://crossfieldsdesign.com/

Free Checklist: https://crossfieldsdesign.com/listeners/

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